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The Students' Union Marketing team offers a variety of promotional services to StFX student groups to help advertise their events on campus! At this time, students can fill out the following form in order to request one of the following:

  • Social Media Promotional Post (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - Text or submitted graphic)
  • Social Media Promotional Post (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - Marketing team designed graphic)
  • Facebook Event (Marketing team designed graphic)
  • Promotional Poster (Marketing team designed) 
  • Promotional Video (Allow for extra completion time)
  • Event Photographer (1 hr working time)

Please note: In order to fulfill your marketing request in an optimal manner, the marketing office requires form submission at least two weeks prior to the event date.

We'll try to respond quickly to let you know that your request has been received, however we might be tied up with other projects at that moment. When the project is assigned to a team member, they will be in touch to work out the details!