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Marketing & Communications



Communications & Marketing Manager — Michelle Campbell

P: (902) 867-4929
Bloomfield 419 (SUB)

Office Hours:
9:00am – 4:30pm (Monday to Friday)


Assistant Marketing Manager — Amy Kirchner

Office: (902) 867-2180
Bloomfield 417 (4th floor SUB)

Office Hours:
10:00am – 4:30pm (Monday to Friday)

Year: 4th
Program: BA Psychology
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Favourite Activity/Hobby: Dancing, Reading
Favourite Meal at the INN: Mozzarella Sticks (obvi)
Favourite Musician/Band: The 1975
Kenny's or The Wheel: The Wheel for garlic fingers, Kenny’s for slices
If you could describe StFX in one word: Fulfilling

Student Media Content Manager -  Rachael Turner

Student Media Content Manager - Rachael Turner


Year: 4th
Program: BSc Earth Sciences
Hometown: Kamloops, British Columbia
Favourite Activity/Hobby: Photography, field hockey, and making new friends!
Favourite Meal at the INN: Nachoez
Favourite Musician/Band: Just listen to my playlist on Spotify named Nice Tunes and you'll find out
Kenny's or The Wheel: Kenny's with the occasional Wheel
If you could describe StFX in one word: Family

Graphic Designer -  Hatim Noorbhai

Graphic Designer - Hatim Noorbhai

Year: 3rd
Program:  BBA Marketing
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Favourite Activity/Hobby: Photography, running and camping
Favourite Meal at the INN: Wings
Favourite Musician/Band: Mariana's Trench
Kenny's or The Wheel: The Wheel
If you could describe StFX in one word: Tradition

Other Teammates (photos coming soon)

  • Patrick Dodsworth

  • Prahar Ijner