Propose a policy

The StFX Students’ Union invites all students enrolled at St. Francis Xavier University to submit policy proposals on important student issues that affect their post-secondary education experience. The StFX Students’ Union exists to serve and represent students. Policy proposals provide students with the opportunity to voice their concerns and identify solutions to important student issues. 

The StFX Students’ Union (hereinafter the StFXSU) acknowledges and thanks the University of Calgary Students’ Union for providing the template for this policy proposal package. This package was approved at the September 2016 Annual General Meeting.

Information for proposal authors

1. Policy proposals do not immediately become StFXSU Policy upon submission. The StFXSU uses well-researched and comprehensive proposals to: 

  • Identify student concerns;

  • Track student issues over time; and to,

  • Make informed and timely decisions regarding student issues that are important to students.

2. Proposal authors will receive an initial response from the Vice President External Affairs within five business days after a proposal has been submitted. 

3. Policy proposals that are incomplete or outside of the StFXSU’s policy-making authority will not be considered. 

4. The StFX Students’ Union Representative Council, By-Law and Policy Committee, President and Vice President External Affairs reserve the right to approve and reject proposals upon valid reasoning. 

  • a. The authority to approve and reject finalized versions of policy is reserved for the StFXSU Representative Council.

5. Policy proposals that meet the Policy Proposal Criteria will be forwarded to the Vice President External Affairs for the first stage of approval. Once approved, the Research and Policy Associate, with the student who brought the proposal forth, will draft a formal version of the policy to be reviewed by the By-Law and Policy Committee, then the StFXSU Representative Council. 

6. Policy proposals are designed to foster a grassroots approach in which students feel as though policy is accessible to them. To influence policy in the StFXSU, students do not need to know how to write policy.

Policy Criteria Download

Any questions can be redirected towards the Research and Policies Assistant at or the Chair of Council’s Office at